Time is so important with water damaged devices! Whilst there is liquid inside your device it will be busy causing short circuits until the battery is removed.

Putting your phone or laptop in a bag of rice is not going to save it! It will take weeks for the rice to draw out the liquid and all the while your device with be busy destroying itself.

If you bring your water damaged phone in to us within 24 hours there is a very good chance we can save it with no extra parts required.

Liquid spill on Macbook, time is of the essence! Don’t waste time waiting for a genius appointment, come to Rocket Repairs immediately and we will take the battery out which will stop any further electrical damage.

Coffee spilled on your keyboard, Coffee is sticky and corrosive. Shake as much liquid out as possible and bring it straight to us.

We’ve had a spate of hot chocolate damaged macbooks, hot chocolate starts to go off very quickly and can smell awful in just a couple of days, don’t delay bring it in!

We see so many devices that could be saved if only the owner had not tried to to fix the problem themselves! Don’t waste time, bring your liquid damaged device to Rocket Repairs, we will save you hundreds of pounds!!