desktop pc repair southampton

Whether it’s a custom build your friend made or the latest Alienware Desktop we can fix it!.

All our repairs come with our amazing six month warranty, you don’t get that kind of service from any of the big retailers!

We never delete your data so you can rest assured all your memories are safe in our hands.

No Appointment necessary, just pop in and have a chat with us


A blown power supply can cause all kinds of issues inside your computer tower, we can diagnose all the faults and let you know what is required to get your machine back up and running. prices start from £59.99



Viruses, Spyware, Malware removal is just £59.99 and can often be completed the same day if you bring it in early enough!

If you are getting random pop ups and a search page you don’t recognise then chances are you are infected and someone is potentially stealing your data or even your identity. Identity theft is a growing problem with very little you can do once it has happened.

Bring your laptop in for assessment and get secure!



A slow computer can be caused by a multitude of issues including infections, degraded hardware, a Windows glitch or a failing hard drive. We can solve any of these issues and prices start from just £59.99



Looking for the latest and greatest graphics card? We can let you know exactly what you can upgrade to in order to get the most out of your system, a solid state hard drive will make a five year old computer seem like it is brand new!  More memory can speed up most machines.



Different users have different notions on the speed of their computer. Some want things to load faster, some want games to play better.

If you want your computer to feel more responsive the best thing you can do is upgrade to a solid state hard drive. The difference it makes is measurable, no more waiting five minutes for Windows to load! Programs load much faster, your computer will feel like a new machine.

If you want computer games to look better then you’ll need to upgrade your graphics hardware. It’s not always that simple since more powerful graphics cards require a more capable power supply. Pop your machine in to use for assessment and we’ll let you know what is required to hit your desired performance point!