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We fix all Apple computers including vintage models!

Apple is a very popular brand but repair costs with Apple certified repair centres are very high.  Here at Rocket Repairs we believe that repair prices for Apple Macbooks and iMacs should be lower. That’s why we offer the same high quality repair service that you’ll find at an Apple certified repair centre. But at a much lower cost. Another benefit of using rocket repairs for your mac repair is that we offer 180 days warranty compared to Apple’s 90 day warranty! We can also complete your repair more quickly, with no need to wait for an appointment with a “genius”.

Macbook Air Broken Screen

The Macbook Air really is a wonderful machine and has really helped students attend a full day of Uni on a single charge. Accidents do happen however and we see many Macbooks come in for screen repair. The best method for repairing the screen is a full lid replacement which might set you back £200-£450. We also have other options available which are cheaper so give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Macbook Air screen repair

Macbook Air screen repair



Liquid Damage Macbook

WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Switch off the Macbook, tip the macbook in the opposite direction of the liquid ingress to remove as much liquid as possible. Please DO NOT switch the Macbook on! DO NOT wait for a genius appointment, there is no point, Apple will simply tell you that you need a new motherboard and quote you £450+ to replace it. Do the smart thing and bring your Macbook to Rocket Repairs, we have over 95% success rate repairing liquid damage Macbooks that have been brought to us within the first 48 hours and around 80% success rate with those that have been left longer. Recently we resurrected a Macbook Pro that had liquid ingress six months prior and was left under a bed after Apple wrote it off. The cost of our repair was only £99. If you get to us quickly enough then there is a strong chance that you will not lose any of your important documents and photos. Trust Rocket Repairs in Southampton to revive your water damaged Macbook.

liquid damage laptop

Macbook coffee spill



Mac Hard Drive Repair and Recovery

We can recover data from your faulty Mac Hard disk and can also replace faulty hard drives in your iMac or Macbook. We are Southampton’s only professional data recovery centre, we have specialist equipment on site that allows us to recover data from dead hard drives. So your precious memories can be saved by Rocket Repairs. If you have a fault with your Macbook or iMac which stops your computer loading into the operating system then come to Rocket Repairs in Southampton and get it fixed.

recovery data from Mac

Mac Data Recovery



Mac upgrades – Southampton

We offer the full range of upgrades for iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro and Mac mini in Southampton. Memory upgrades & Hard drive upgrades. If you are fortunate to own a 2011-2016 Macbook pro then you’ll realise that buying a new Mac will only give you a maginal upgrade over your existing device. If you want your Macbook to really fly then upgrade to a solid state hard drive. We can do this for you and it will be massively cheaper than buying a new Mac. We can also install solid state drives in all models of iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. We also offer Memory upgrades on those models that can have their memory upgraded, give us a call to find out what options are available for your Mac.

mac upgrades

Mac upgrades