Please do not, remove the screws and open the drive. There are no serviceable parts inside your hard drive. The only thing you will do is cause more damage. So please stop right there and let our experts who have years of experience and have recovered data from thousands of drives do the work for you.

Hard Drive data recovery – We use the best data recovery hardware available

We have invested thousands of pounds on our data recovery hardware to ensure that we can provide the full range of data recovery services. Our skill set and hardware combined give us an industry leading 92% recovery rate.

Mac Data Recovery

We can successfully recover data from iMac, Macbook , Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Pro. Our hardware can recover data from any of the popular Mac operating systems. Mac data recovery accounted for 35% of our data recovery workload. We are Southampton’s only Apple data recovery specialist.

Laptop Data Recovery

We can recover data from your laptop hard drive. Our experts have recovered data from thousands of laptops including Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Asus and many other makes and models. Regardless of the make or model we can recover your hard drive data. So give us a call or pop in and speak to an engineer. We are always happy to help and provide advice.

PC Data recovery

We recover data from all makes and models of desktop computer. Even if you built the system yourself we can still recover your data. There’s no need to remove the hard drive, we can do that for you so please bring in your device and we’ll get your data back.

External Hard Drive Recovery

We recover data from portable hard drives too, regardless of brand we can recover your data. If you notice your drive making scratching noises then please bring it in immediately, do not power up the drive as you will cause more and more damage. Let our experts open the drive up and take a look under the hood, we’ll know immediately if the read heads are damaging the disk surface(platter). We’ll address that issue before we do anything else.

Flash drive data recovery

We have recovered countless dissertations from removable flash drives, we’ve had customers cry with joy after we successfully recovered their lost data. If you have broken your memory stick then bring it in for recovery, we see so many failed attempts to repair memory sticks that make it impossible to recover the data. Don’t take the risk, please bring it in to the experts.