PS4 Pro HDMI Repair

The PS4 Pro is the top of the PS4 ladder, but when your gaming is interrupted by display issues it can be very frustrating. Faulty HDMI connectors are common on modern consoles. We replaced the HDMI port on this Playstation 4 Pro after it had been knocked and the HDMI port damaged. PS4 repair Southampton…

Xbox One S HDMI Repair

This is not a common issue on Xbox One’s, but they do crop up from time to time. The customer said the console looked like everything was turning on ok, but was not getting any picture or sound on the TV. We replaced the HDMI port and rescued the Xbox from being scrapped. XBox Repair…

Car Ignition Key Repair

Sometime we get unusual repairs here, we do try and turn our skills to repairing anything electronic if we can. This was an ignition for a Mercedes car that needed some soldering and TLC. We were able to repair it for the customer with a little research on how it works and some patience.

ipad pro screen repair

A successful screen repair on ipad pro screen repair . . The customer was very happy with the result. Pop in to Rocket Repairs if you need a ipad pro repair in Southampton.

Data Recovery

We had a drive come in for data recovery that had been dropped and was no longer being detected by the computer. After inspecting the drive we noticed the top cover of the drive was dented and this was causing mechanical issues inside the drive. We successfully managed to recover the data for the customer…

iphone repair southampton

Chill Out and save on iPhone Repairs

We know it’s hot out there so we’ve got an offer that will help cool you down. iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 screen repair prices reduced while it’s hot! For the best iPhone repair in Southampton Come to Rocket Repairs. Six month warranty as standard!


This poorly PS4 came in to us, it was powering on but was not displaying picture or sound on the TV. Due to the HDMI cable being knocked while it was connected the HDMI port on the PS4 was damaged. We disassembled the PS4, removed the broken HDMI port and replaced it with a new…

ipad pro charging repair southampton

iPad pro charger port replacement

Here we have a photograph of the soldering required to complete the charger port repair on an ipad pro. It’s a very technical repair requiring great skill. At Rocket Repairs we have that level of skill in house. So if you need an ipad pro repair Southampton, come to Rocket Repairs.