2016 Liquid Damaged MacBook

We get a lot of liquid damaged devices for repair, some laptops, others phones or tablets. We have specialist cleaning equipment to remove corrosion caused by the liquid damage and then we are able to repair the device.

Canon IXUS 180 repair

We do not get many items in that are not computers or games consoles to repair, but we always like a challenge. This digital camera came in with a power issue, it was not turning on at all. We investigated it and found it was an issue with the power button and fixed it.

Xbox One S Ventilation Warning

I have worked on many xbox one consoles over the years but this is the first time I have ever seen a “Ventilation” warning screen. After removing the covers we quickly diagnosed the issue and we were able to repair it. The customer was very happy

Dell All In One / Tablet Repair

We have never worked on this model of Dell machine before, but after running diagnostics we found that the SSD and the main battery were both faulty. We upgraded the SSD from 32GB to 1TB and replaced the battery and all was well again.

Another Bingo Machine

We have had a second bingo calling machine in for repair. Again this is not something we normally fix, but it is electronic so we will try our hand at it. It was not powering on at all, thankfully it was nothing serious and just a power supply issue.

MacBook Logic Board Repair

We often get Apple MacBooks in for repair with a variety of problems, the most common is liquid damage from spillages. We are able to clean logic boards and remove corrosion caused by spillages, sometimes the components or connectors on the board are too badly damaged or burnt out from the spillage. We have skills…

Overheating Gaming Laptop

Here at Rocket Repairs we can tell summer is here. Over the last few weeks with the warmer weather we have been getting customers bringing in devices that are suffering in the heat. This gaming laptop came in reportedly randomly shutting off with no warning. We cleaned out the cooling system and applied new thermal…

Bingo Machine Repair

We sometimes get items in for repair that are not laptops or games consoles, today we got a Bingo calling machine in that was failing to generate numbers above 75. We had a little play with with the device and found it was a settings issue and not a problem with the circuit that generates…

MacBook not charging

This MacBook came in to us with intermittent charging issues, sometimes it would show the battery was fully charged when it wasn’t, other times not charging at all. Our diagnostic process discovered some faulty compnents. We replaced them and the macbook returned to full functionality. For professional Macbook repairs in Southampton come to Rocket Repairs.

USB Flash Drive Repair

This USB drive came in to us as it was not being detected by the computer when connected. It was the final week of university for this student and their dissertation was on this stick! We discovered that the USB port part of the drive had been broken, fortunately all that was needed was the…