Liquid damaged laptop revived at Rocket Repairs Limited, no data loss occurred. The cost for this repair was just Only £99.99. 

What did we have to do to fix this liquid damaged laptop?

The first thing we did when the device came in to store was disconnect the battery. On most modern laptops the battery can only be accessed by disassembling the laptop.  We opened the laptop while the customer was booking the laptop in for repair and disconnected the battery.  From this point on we know that no further electrical damage can occur.

Next, we remove the logic board from the chassis and check for any residual liquid inside the laptop.  If we find any remaining liquid then we clean it with an alcohol solution.

After the chassis has been checked it’s time to inspect the logic board. We look for signs of corrosion and oxidisation on the logic board components. We clean any obvious large areas of corrosion & oxidisation and then it’s time for the board to go in to the ultrasonic bath. The ultrasonic bath is able to clean in areas that we can’t reach such as under IC chips. 

Once the ultrasonic clean is complete we then give the logic board an alcohol bath. This help to remove and residual impurities.

We then dry the board in our oven until it is completely dry.

Once the cleaning process has been completed it is time to put the logic board back in to the laptop chassis and test it.

In this case the laptop booted successfully.

We then test all other parts of the system to make sure things like the USB ports and the keyboard all work normally.  Often the keyboard will need replacing especially with coffee and wine spills.  That’s because we can’t clean inside the laptop keyboard and the residual stickiness can affect the function of some keys.

This laptop worked perfectly once the clean was complete.