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An unhappy 27inch Retina iMac came in to use with complaints of slow to impossible boot up. This is usually caused by a failed storage device, be it an SSD or an HDD. In this case, this iMac was fitted with a “Fusion” drive; Apple jargon for both an SSD and an HDD.

The hard drive, a 3TB Seagate drive had failed, and due to the Fusion setup, the iMac could no longer boot. A quick discussion with our customer and it was decided to upgrade this iMac to a 6TB hard drive. A quick fit, partial reassembly to test, Fusion system rebuilt and macOS Mojave installed without a hitch.

Are you having no-boot or slow-boot issues with your iMac or MacBook? Bring it in to us and we can find and fix it for you.