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Computer repairs are not a side business at Rocket Repairs

Rocket Repairs is an electronics repair workshop on the high street, specialising in Apple repairs and PC repairs. No appointment is necessary, simply pop in to our shop and book your device in for repair. The advantage of four full time engineers is that we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with technology!

computer workshop

Our computer repair workshop

We do computer and phone repairs all day long every single day! You can’t beat Rocket Repairs for experience, we fix so many devices and have so much experience that we can resolve 99% of problems with computers, iPhones and iPads.

macbook repair in progress

working on a macbook repair

When you walk in to our shop you get to see all our experienced engineers busy fixing your devices. We like to be busy, so you’ll see our engineers hard at work providing advice and fixing faulty computer hardware, fixing laptops and Macbooks, fix iPhones and iPads.

efficient service

working on several devices at the same time

Ask yourself, do you want a part time technician who fixes one or two machines per week meddling with your precious device or would you prefer a team that fixes over a hundred devices every week¬†taking care of it instead? It’s a no-brainer really, choose the experienced team who are happy to offer six month warranty on any repair we undertake.


engineers at work

engineer discussion

Whatever your computer problem, we can fix it!